What Type of Adventurer are You?

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Discover Your Adventure Personality

Stop Wondering and Start Wandering

Royal Caribbean and the personality experts at CPP-The Myers-Briggs® Company have teamed up to help travelers, like you, discover what excites, rejuvenates and fulfills them most on vacation. Adventure for some means zooming down zip lines or traversing mountains – and for others it means exploring exotic cuisines, or making new friends in faraway places. Take this personality quiz, and find out what’s your adventure vibe!

Slide each button toward the answer that best describes you. Answer all questions to get the most accurate results.

Similar types travel well together – share your results to see how you stack up!

1. When traveling, do you usually

Say hi to everyone you meet?

Stick with your squad

2. Do you prefer to travel

On a whim

With advanced planning

3. Do you tend to

Share your life story with anyone who will listen

Maintain an air of mystery

4. When traveling, are you


Planned out

5. On vacation, do you find spending time with many people



6. A detailed schedule for your vacation is



7. When traveling, do you prefer to

Go with the flow

Run on a tight schedule

8. When socializing with others on a trip, do you

Do most of the talking

Practice your listening skills

9. When you meet new people on a trip do you find it

Easy and Fun – a follow for a follow

A challenge – No new friends

10. On vacation do you prefer to

See what happens

Stick to an itinerary

11. When daydreaming of your next vacation, do you

Seek sun and sandals

Prefer sweater weather

12. When choosing days off for your next trip, do you

Plan a long weekend

Plan more than a week

13. When it comes to cruising, are you

A total newbie